Our mission

The association Budućnost is a civil society organization that, through affirmative action, supports and encourages the building of a democratic society and is committed to realizing the rights and interests of all marginalized groups, especially women and children.

A beneficiary of a safe house in Modrica


“For years I was financially dependent on my husband and it was very difficult to decide on this step. Also, there is a factor of fear, shame and that of our ‘what will the people say.’ Thanks to all the wonderful women who work in a safe house, I am realized that it was time for me to start looking at myself and not think about what anyone else was going to say. because of my husband I had to stop working, today, by babysitting I earn as much as I need and I am satisfied. “

I learned it was time to start watching myself!

“I don’t know what to choose, but I know I’ll make a heavenly grateful person who helped me through the hardest of times. You provided me with a roof over my head, a warm meal and protection, but I can also help me get to know the legal procedures that have taken place thanks to them , today I will know my rights and I will certainly know better to decide for myself and my children. Safe house people have announced that beatings are not my fault, though I have often questioned myself as being guilty of this whole situation. “

I know my rights today!

“And today I wonder why I endured all this for so long, maybe because of the habit of having someone beside myself, maybe because of a younger daughter who is attached to him, I don’t even know myself and probably would still suffer, but after the last altercation and violence, my older daughter told me that I had to report it and if I didn’t, she would do it. It was then clear to me that I had to react. my previous life, I turned a new leaf and decided to be a completely different person. “

Coming to a safe house changed my life!

Report a violence!

Call the toll free SOS number and help will be there for you!

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In addition to making a direct call to our phones, you can also seek legal help or advice online.


Your inquiry will be sent to us after filling in the online form, and one of our lawyers will contact you within 5 days.


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